The Arlington Amateur Radio Club

Purpose: ...to further promote the popularity, good-will, recognition and respect of our hobby both within our fraternalism and the Community...
Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month, 7:00 P.M., St. Thomas More Cathedral School, 105 N. Thomas St. Nonmembers are invited to attend.
ARNewsline: Tuesday (except meeting nights) at 7:00 P.M., 145.47(-) MHz FM
Net: Tuesday (except meeting nights) at 7:30 P.M., 145.47(-) MHz FM, PL 107.2 Hz
WWW: http://w4wvp.org/
Information: Chuck Norton, cenorton@comcast.net (e-mail), phone 703-973-6715 (day), 703-527-2430 (eve).

April 16, 2014

Minutes of Arlington Amateur Radio Club – April 15, 2014

The meeting started with a presentation on the Spiral Dipole Antenna by Ken. President Norton called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM. The minutes of the March 2014 meeting were accepted and the Treasurer’s report was given. A separate fund is being maintained for the club’s repeater system. The hat was passed at the end of the meeting for the repeater fund.

Dennis reported that the ARRL Centennial Celebration is going well with over a thousand people registered.

The club members should feel free to use the W8HNT repeater in Arlington. This UHF system is available on 449.325 MHz with input on 444.325 MHz with a PL tone of 151.4 Hz.
This system has been upgraded and now should be reliable.

Our club net is meeting every Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM on W4WVP. Mike reported we typically have 10 to 12 check ins. There has been less interest in the digital afternet. Lucas mentioned that the local RACES group meets on their repeater every Wednesday evening.

Chuck discussed the Cube Sat project at the St. Thomas More School. He said that the have a projected launch date in December 2014.

The club may need an alternative meeting site over the summer. It was noted that the Westover library meeting room would be an alternative. (This has to be requested early!)

Field Day this summer will be June 28th and 29th at the Knights of Columbus. We still have to get organized and work the details out.

Renee KK4WVQ and Lee KK4GOL were voted in as club members.

In attendance at the meeting were: Dennis W4PWF, Mike NW3V, Prentiss K4PDJ, Nereide KK4WUN, Ken WB4AKK, Lukas WA3UEA, Cynthia KJ4CLK, Randy WB4MJF, John KK4EBG, Chuck KI4DHW, Mike KA8OPJ, Erik KI4BXU, and Renee KK4WVQ

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March 19, 2014

Minutes for March 18, 2014 Meeting of Arlington Amateur Radio Club

John, KK4EBG started the meeting with a video presentation on how to download and format the Amateur Radio Newsline for rebroadcast over the W4WVP repeater. The presentation was very detailed and included how to use the Audacity software to do the audio editing for the final broadcast.

President Norton called the meeting to order at about 8:15PM. The minutes for the February meeting were approved. The club approved $ 140 from the repeater fund to finance a new antenna for the repeater system. The present antenna has failed.

Dennis reported that the ARRL Centennial Convention in Hartford, CT is proceeding well. Some hotels are already sold out. Over 100 exhibitors are expected to participate. Donations to the ARRL Centennial Fund would be gratefully appreciated.

Gary distributed T-shirts to all who participated in the September 2013 Ecom Drill at the Reagan National Airport.

The club’s nets are proceeding well. Mike, NW3V asked for more volunteers to run the nets. He noted that interest in the digital after-net had fallen off. Chuck noted that VOA continues to experiment with digital broadcasting. (The concept is anyone with a PC and appropriate software can receive the VOA broadcasts.)

Chuck also noted that he and John had done a demonstration of amateur radio using the W4WVP repeater for the St. Thomas More School students. Their CubeSat program is continuing. They will also have an opportunity in the near future to speak with the International Space Station crew by radio. Their CubeSat is proceeding towards an eventual launch into space from the International Space Station.

Chuck also note that the club’s PC is now obsolete and is available for sale to an interested party. There are no new club members pending. Looking ahead, Field Day 2014 is scheduled for June 28 and 29 at the Knights of Columbus. The club has been generously allowed again to use this excellent Field Day facility.

In attendance at the meeting were: Dennis W4PWF, Mike NW3V, Prentiss K4PDJ, Mike KK1MM, Nereide KK4WUN, Arthur W4ART, Ken WB4AKK, Lukas WA3UEA, Cynthia KJ4CLK, Randy WB4MJF, Doug KK4QFR, John KK4EBG, Chuck KI4DHW, John W2JWP, Conrad KK4LYY, Gary KC5QCN, Dave KJ4EMI, Mike KA8OPJ, Roy AI4GO, Jonathan N4ERD, and Nathan KV4JG

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March 1, 2014

You Were On Candid Camera

After Gordon Miller, NQ4K, made his presentation on the 2014 Virginia QSO Party at the February meeting, he took photos of the audience. A composite photo is now posted on the Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) web site.

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February 19, 2014

Minutes of February 18, 2014 Meeting of Arlington Amateur Radio Club

This meeting began with a presentation on the Virginia QSO Party. The presentation provided detailed data on previous Virginia QSO Party operating data. An excellent presentation was made by Gordon Miller, NQ4K.

President Norton called the meeting to order at about 7:45 PM. The minutes from November 2013 were approved. The Treasurer made his report.

Dennis reported that the ARRL is awaiting FCC action on a number of requests. The ARRL activities for the Centennial Year of the ARRL were in full progress. The ARRL is soliciting contributions to assure continued support of its activities. The U. S. Government will support the ARRL’s positions going into the WARC-15 meetings.

Mike NW3V reported that weekly net activities were a new high, with up to 18 check-ins. The club voted in Nereide Ellis, KK4WUN as a new member. Mike KA8OPJ showed a project for a software defined radio adapter that he built from a QST article. General opinion of the club was that we would like to operate on Field Day from the Knights of Columbus site again.

At the close of the meeting, there was some additional discussion of alternative activities that would create a higher level of readiness for the club members to help with public service activities.

Present at the meeting were: Pat KJ4OCA, Cynthia KJ4CLK, John KK4EBG, John W2JWP, Dennis W4PWF, Mike KA8OPJ, George KR4MU, Prentiss K4PDJ, Mike NW3V, Chuck KI4DHW, Doug KK4QFR, David KJ4EMI, WB4AKK Ken, W4ART Arthur, KI4BXU Erik, NQ4K Gordon, and KK4WUN Nereide.

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January 21, 2014

January Meeting Canceled, Replaced by Net

The January 2014 meeting of the Arlington Amateur Radio Club, originally scheduled for January 21, has been canceled, because of inclement weather and consequent closure of the school in which the Club usually meets.

The sudden gap in our lives will be filled by an exceptional third-Tuesday meeting of the Arlington County Net at 7:30 pm ET on the W4WVP/R repeater, 145.47(-) MHz. Use a PL tone of 107.2 Hz to access the repeater. W2JWP, Jack, will be Net Control Station.

The net will be preceded by airing of Amateur Radio Newsline program 1901 at 7 pm ET by KK4EBG, John.

The net may be followed by discussion and practice of digital communications via the repeater, if there is interest.

73! — Mike, NW3V, Arlington County Net Co-Manager (with KC5QCN).

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December 17, 2013

Party Postscript

Let the record show that, as usual, more people brought more food than promised, and there was more food than appetite, although appetites were very good indeed. A good time was had by all who attended. Happy holidays!

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December 13, 2013

December 2013 Meeting: Party!

The December 2013 meeting of the Arlington Amateur Radio Club will be a Yuletide party featuring good food, fellowship, and, best of all, no presentations or business, EXCEPT 2014 dues (still $10) are due may be paid to Treasurer Mike Elliott, KK1MM, who will be present.

The meeting will, as usual, start at 7 p.m. ET on the third Tuesday of the month, which is December 17 (the anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first successful powered heavier-tha-air flight at Kill Devil Hills near Kitty Hawk, NC). The meeting will be in the cafeteria of the Saint Thomas More Cathedral School, not in the classroom where we usualy meet.


The food will be pot-luck. If you are a member and plan to bring something, please announce your intention by sending an email to the w4wvp-members mailing list. The list of items, at this early stage, includes the following items:

  • cream cheese and olive canapes
  • tofu and olive canapes
  • cheese ball
  • crackers
  • kippered herring
  • kumquats
  • fruit salad
  • low-calorie Key Lime pies
  • Coca Cola Zero
  • cheese cracker and meat tray (2)
  • napkins, plates, forks, knives, and maybe tablecloths
  • homemade brownies
  • pirohi

This list will, of course, grow, um, exponentially in the next few days.

Gift Exchange

There is also traditionally an optional gift exchange. To participate, bring a radio-related item " of no great value" (e.g., something from your junque box–connectors, voltmeter, piece of coax, book, …) gaily wrapped to be awarded by lottery to someone else who brought a gift (each 1 who brings 1 gets 1).

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November 20, 2013

Minutes of Arlington Amateur Radio Club – November 19, 2013

This meeting was preceded by a presentation on Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) by Dennis Bodson, W4PWF. Dennis noted that the largest EMP results from a nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 50 to 100 kilometers. Solar flares can also result in large EMP events. A large EMP will generate voltages in the order of 50 kilovolts. The rise time of the voltage pulse is about 1 nanosecond. As a rule, protection against lightening will not work against EMP.

The best protection against EMP is to disconnect antennas and power lines from equipment not being used. For equipment that is on continuously, like a repeater system, both the antenna and power lines need proper protection. Coaxial devices such as the Poly Phaser units can be used on coaxial antenna lines where they enter the building. Power lines should be protected at the fuse or breaker panel by devices like metal oxide varistors (MOV). Good radio frequency shielding of equipment also can help reduce the likelihood of EMP damage. [For more details see URL: http://www.arrl.org/lightning-protection]

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:45 PM by acting President Bodson. The minutes of the October 2013 meeting were accepted. The Treasurer’s report was given. Mike KG4RKL reported he will step down as Treasurer and Mike KK1MM will assume this position. A discussion of raising the dues would be deferred until January 2014.

Dennis noted that the ARRL s preparing for its centennial celebration in Hartford, CT. The ARRL has filed a petition with the FCC asking that the Symbol Rate limitation for amateur radio operation be eliminated. This limitation currently prevents radio amateurs from using the most advanced data modulation systems.

The W4WVP repeater net is operating normally, with typically a dozen check-ins. John, KK4EBG will develop a presentation on how to air the Amateur Radio Newsline.

Randy, WB4MJF reported that the Cube Sat project at the St. Thomas More School is making progress. Another test will be done with satellite cameras hauled up to 800 feet with a ballon for testing. The Cube Sat uses a slow scan TV mode.

Under new business, the club members voted $45 for a new balun for the club’s 40-80 meter dipole antenna used for Field Day.

The club members adjourned the meeting early to go out and watch the Cube Sat launch from Wallops Island, VA. The launch was very visible and at the burns of a least two stages was witnessed.

Present at the meeting were: Ken WB4AKK, Mike KA8OJP, Erik KI4BXU, Pat KJ4OCA, Cynthia KJ4CLK, John KK4EBG, Mike KG4RKL, Mike KK1MM, George KR4MU, Randy WB4MFJ, Jack W2VWP, Victor KJ4FOR, Mike NW3V, Dennis W4PWF, Prentiss K4PDJ, and Dave KJ4EMI. (Any missing, please contact me at: kenheitner(at)hotmail.com.)

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November 19, 2013



The meeting was called to order by President Norton KI4DHW at 7:10PM.

Dennis W4PWF’s EMP presentation is delayed until next month so that Cynthia KJ4CLK and Pat KJ4OCA can attend. Randy WB4MJF discussed the need for officer nominations. Nominations and elections will be held next month. Randy WB4MJF also discussed the need for a holiday party in December. The club agreed a holiday party should be planned for December.

Chuck KI4DHW reminded everyone to check their FCC license expiration date as due to the Government shutdown the FCC ULS database is not operational and folks not renewed prior to the shutdown will be unable to operate legally until their renewal is processed by the FCC and posted to the ULS database.

Randy WB4MJF asked if we should have a Virginia QSO presentation in February. Five people participated in the Virginia QSO party last year. The club agreed this presentation should be held. John KK4EBG also asked for a practice session to be held so that people can learn about proper contesting techniques prior to the QSO party.


President Norton KI4DHW asked for a motion to approve the September 2013 club meeting minutes. Dennis W4PWF moved to approve the minutes, with John KK4EBG seconding the motion.


The Treasurer Mike KG4RKL was not present for the meeting to give a report.


Dennis W4PWF provided an update on the affairs and inner workings of the ARRL for the previous month. Everything is generally fine.

LoTW passed the 500 Million QSO mark. Dennis recently participated in a RTTY contest and made 40 contacts, 17 of which were confirmed in LoTW, so clearly the number of users is going up. There is an ARRL committee looking into improvements to LoTW, and they feel the biggest issue is the software, including the setup and importing of certificates. ARRL is conducting extensive beta testing of a new version of LoTW that will install in two clicks and fix a lot of these issues. Expect to see a larger demand for LoTW once this happens.

The Centennial event has been booked for next year in Hartford, CT.

ARRL is requesting all hams to contribute to their Second Century Endowment Fund. They have a $10 million goal, of which $6 million has been collected.


Gary KC5QCN normally provides this update, but was not present at the meeting. Chuck KI4DHW participated in the DCA APEX 13 drill and provided some insight on how the drill went. Chuck said it was very interesting, as hospitals were clearly not prepared for the drill and didn’t know what was going on. Some hospitals didn’t get advanced notice, victims were sent to wrong hospitals that were out of scope for the drill, and there was generally confusion everywhere. Nevertheless, they were very nice to the victims.

Chuck mentioned how he couldn’t get decent reception to the repeater from the hospital he was stationed at, and the club had a lengthy discussion about repeater locations and working out of "urban canyons".


Mike NW3V said that the last net was around 10-11 people, and that net participation seems down from normal. The nets are still good, and kudos were given to all that participate as NCS and play Newsline. George K4RMU mentioned that the repeater didn’t work in Ballston last Friday night, October 11. Chuck KI4DHW talked about the Ballston Mall garage and how it is going to collapse due to structural failure of the concrete.

Mike NW3V said that the WordPress backend of the website has been updated to the latest release, and Chuck KI4DHW thanked Mike NW3V for his work on the website.

Dennis W4PWF asked about obtaining a current membership list, and was told that the Treasurer has the updated roster.

Chuck reiterated that John KK4EBG has been doing a terrific job with Newsline, and asked for any additional Newsline volunteers. Jack W2JWP volunteered to help and sit with John KK4EBG when he does Newsline to understand the process.


Melissa (no call) gave an update on the STM Cubesat, which is a two-year project to build and launch a nano satellite using a ham radio signal to collect data. In a week, she will understand the frequencies the Cubesat will use. The goal is to receive HD-quality images from a satellite. Melissa is hoping to do another outside test day before December. The school is working with the International Space Station (ISS) to control a camera on the station via the Earthcam website. The school is also partnering with the U.S. Naval Academy. Melissa will be speaking at a nationwide conference about the work the school is doing, and expressed an enormous amount of gratitude for all the assistance and education the club has provided her.

There was a donation of a new radio to the school, and Melissa is trying to get permission from the school to install the radio for a minimum of at least five years. Her and the Principal have been scouting locations around the school and church grounds that would be ideal for the antenna. This launched a discussion on different antennas for different bands, antenna siting, the use of the school roof, cathedral spire, 200 N Glebe, and other locations. The antenna will tentatively be located above the Cafeteria.


Chuck KI4DHW said folks should get the FEMA IS 100 and 700 certs.

John KK4EBG motioned to vote in two members — Matt Carney KK4PHW and Victor Haburchak KJ4FOR — which was seconded by Dennis W4PWF and passed unanimously.


Jack W2JWP discussed Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) which will happen this weekend. His troop will be at Great Falls at the LDS Church, operating as Special Event Station W4B. Visit the JOTA website to determine the frequencies for use during the weekend-long event.

Mike NW3V reminded members that to send e-mail to the whole membership, you should use the w4wvp-members@amp;w4wvp.org e-mail address.

Chuck mentioned the Pentagon Amateur Radio Club, K4AF, which holds meetings the first Wednesday of the month at the Pentagon MARS Station.


In lieu of a presentation for this month’s meeting, Randy WB4MJF chatted with the group about various things, and discussed having a Q&A session with "old timers" who want to Elmer newer hams.


President Norton KI4DHW adjourned the meeting at 8:45 PM.

In attendance were: Jonathan N4ERD, John KK4EBG, Dennis W4PWF, Mike KK1MM, Victor KJ4FOR, Doug KK4QFR, Roy AI4GO, Randy WB4MJF, George KR4MU, Jack W2JWP, Dave KJ4EMI, Erik KI4BXU, Chuck KI4DHW, Mike NW3V, Prentiss K4PDJ and Melissa.

Submitted by Jonathan Heinlein, N4ERD.

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September 18, 2013

Minutes of the Arlington Amateur Radio Club – September 17, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Vice President Bodson. The minutes of the August 2013 meeting were approved. The Treasurer’s report will be given next month.

ARRL – Dennis noted that the ARRL Log Book of the World is undergoing further improvements that will make it much easier to use. The streamlined version is in Beta testing at this time. He hoped that this would make this web feature even more popular among radio amateurs worldwide.

EnComm – The Reagan National Airport Drill will be held this weekend. Amateur radio support from ARES will provide situational awareness to the drill controllers. Additional volunteers are needed.

Gary and Dennis encouraged club members to get their FEMA certifications with the on-line courses. ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800 will provide members with an overview of how all parties work together in an emergency situation. All were urged to take these courses.

AARC Net – The club’s net continues to operate will with typically about a dozen check-ins.

Business – There was no old or new business at this time.

STEM Program at St. Thomas More Church School – Melissa briefed the club on the status of their satellite program. A key activity now is researching what other schools are doing with amateur radio. They are also planning for installation of their antennas and other satellite equipment. They also need help with additional field testing, building their solar array, and battery system for their CubeSat.

Program Activity – The club viewed a video on Malpelo Island DXpedition HK0NA. This DXpedition was to a remote island off the coast of Columbia.

In attendance were: Ken WB4AKK, Victor KJ4FOR, Jonathan N4ERD, Dave KJ4EMI, Mike NW3V, Lucas KA3UEA, Gary KC5QCN, Arthur W4ART, John KK4EBG, Mike KA8OPJ, Mat KK4PHW, Dennis W4PWF, Melissa, and Stephanie.

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