The Arlington Amateur Radio Club

Purpose: ...to further promote the popularity, good-will, recognition and respect of our hobby both within our fraternalism and the Community...
Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month, 7:00 P.M., St. Thomas More Cathedral School, 105 N. Thomas St. Nonmembers are invited to attend.
ARNewsline: Tuesday (except meeting nights) at 7:00 P.M., 145.47(-) MHz FM
Net: Tuesday (except meeting nights) at 7:30 P.M., 145.47(-) MHz FM, PL 107.2 Hz
WWW: http://w4wvp.org/
Information: Chuck Norton, cenorton@comcast.net (e-mail), phone 703-973-6715 (day), 703-527-2430 (eve).

July 16, 2014

Minutes of Arlington Amateur Radio Club for July 15, 2014

President Norton called the meeting to order at 7 PM. He distributed certificates for those who received them for the Virginia QSO Party. He reported that Ms. Melissa Pore, the STEM teacher leading the St. Thomas More Cathedral School satellite project had received her amateur license.

He also reported that these is a new Arlington Alert system being put in place. There will be a three month overlap with the old system. The system will try to page you or send its text message three times. If there is no response, it will call you. This new system will be under a broader umbrella called Capital Alerts. Members were encouraged to become aware and potentially participate in this new alert system. Other sources for weather alerts are the NOAA weather radios which operate above the two meter band. Skywarn is also available. It is an amateur radio system using the 147.300 MHz Bluemont repeater system.

Chuck also encourage all of the members to think about a GO BAG. A GO BAG has essential items you would need if you had to abandon you home in an emergency. General guidelines is to provide yourself with food, water, medications, and other critical supplies for a three day period.

Chuck also encouraged all members to take the FEMA 100 and 700 Emergency Training Courses and become certified. If you are interested in receiving this training in a classroom environment, let Cynthia or him know.

The membership approved the Minutes for the June 2014 meeting. The Treasurer made his report. (The club now has 34 members.) There were no ARRL or EnCom reports. Club nets are proceeding well. Net participation is good with a high of 17 check-ins during one session last month. Jack W2JWP is learning to do the Newline program. Chuck mentioned ongoing interest by other in Mesh Networks. Consult the Internet for further information.

Field Day operations were removed. Members were generally satisfied with this exercise. Ken WB4AKK proposed the club purchase a Par End Fed antenna for use on 20 meters for next year. He believed this would allow for better results on 20 meters because the feedline would not be in the near field of the antenna. The club voted to spend $58 plus shipping costs for this for next year’s Field Day.

Rob KM4CZS was voted in as a member of the club.

In attendance were: Mike NW3V, Mike KK1MM, Nereide KK4WUN, Ken WB4AKK, Lukas WA3UEA, Doug KK4QFR, John KK4EBG, Erik KI4BXU, Chuck KI4DHW, Jack W2JWP, George KR4MU, David KJ4EMI, Mike KA8OPJ, and Rob KM4CZS

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July 15, 2014

July 15 Meeting Will Be at Westover Library

The July 15 meeting of the Arlington Amateur Radio Club will be in the Community Room of the Westover Branch of the Arlington Public Library, starting at 7:00 pm, according to club President Chuck Norton, KI4DHW. The branch library is located at 1644 North McKinley Road, at the intersection with Washington Boulevard.

We hope to resume meeting at our usual meeting place, the Saint Thomas More Cathedral School, after summer renovations there are complete.

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June 25, 2014

To all W4WVP members:

If you want a slot to operate on Field Day, please let me know.

The choices are 20 or 40 meters phone operation. You can either operate or log. There will also be digital operations, so let
me know if you want to do that and when.

We will have one hour slots from 2 PM to 6 PM on Saturday and 10 AM to 2 PM on Sunday.

It is all very easy and you will enjoy this. Please let me know by e-mail and I will fill out the chart here. First come first serve. I am sure we can give everyone a chance to operate or log.

73s, Ken WB4AKK

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Field Day Plan for W4WVP 2014

The basic plan for Field Day 2014 is much like Field Day 2012 and 2013. We will set up antennas for 20 meters and for 80 and 40 meters (one antenna). We will use as the baseline two of the club’s radios that are easy for everyone to use. This includes our Icom IC-720A and IC-730 HF transceivers. Each will be set up with an antenna coupler to provide extra filtering and reduce cross band interference. The radios will be set up for phone operation. If you want to operate CW or some other mode, bring your own equipment and we will give you antenna time during the operating period. Lukas will bring a digital station and third antenna.

Field Day 2014 is June 28 and 29. Field Day starts at 2PM on Saturday (6/28) and ends at 5 PM Sunday (6/29). Our normal setup schedule is as follows:

Saturday 10 AM – Arrive at Field Day site and set up two or three antennas and equipment.

Saturday 2 PM – Commence Field Day Operations

Saturday TBD – Continue Field Day Operations as long as there are willing operators. (Nominally we stop operations at 6 PM so folks can go home for dinner.)

Sunday 10 AM – Resume Field Day Operations

Sunday 2 PM – Stop Operations and begin to take down antennas and equipment

Sunday 5 PM – Hopefully everyone gets home in time for dinner

The logging will be done with laptop computers. Mike C. and I will provide the computers, networking hub, and cables. We will have at least one backup radio available, most likely another IC-720A.

We will operate off 110 VAC power. We cannot use generators at this location. Power is available at the site. We will also have air conditioning if needed.

I am very open to suggestions on alternatives. I will bring the 100 foot lengths of Orange Coax we had last year. Bring other long lengths of 50 ohm coax. (RG-58 or RG-8X is best.) It is about 200 feet to the furthest antenna (80/40 meter dipole). The club does not have any equipment to do CW or digital operations.
Lukas will provide a third digital station

We will set up an operating schedule so everyone gets a chance to operate or log.

The site has a bar and grill style place to eat. The food is good. Do not bring food or drink to the site unless you have special needs.

73s, Ken WB4AKK

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June 18, 2014

Minutes of Arlington Amateur Radio Club – June 17, 2014

President Norton called the meeting to order at about 7:15 PM. The club approved the minutes from the May 2014 meeting. The Treasurer reported that the club now has 33 paid members. Funds were approved for Field Day expenses ($75).

Dennis reported the ARRL Centennial Celebration was proceeding well. Also large donations were received for the ARRL Century Campaign. There was no Encomm report.

Club nets are proceeding well. George KR4MU resigned as the second Tuesday NCS. John W2JWP will assume his duties. Nereide KK4WUN will work on a graphic design for the club’s official stationary.

The STM School satellite program was briefly discussed in regard to the need for frequency coordination before launch. Chuck reminded all members in an emergency they must be qualified to the FEMA 100 and 700 standards to participate. Judie KJ4BQQ was voted to club membership.

Field Day was discussed by Ken WB4AKK. The club will provide equipment for two phone setups. These will nominally be on 40 and 20 meters. A more detailed memo on the club’s Field Day plan will be sent out via the club’s reflector or posted on the W4WVP site.

In attendance were: Dennis W4PWF, Mike NW3V, Mike KK1MM, Nereide KK4WUN, Arthur W4ART, Ken WB4AKK, Lukas WA3UEA, John W2JWP, Doug KK4QFR, Cynthia KJ4CLK, John KK4EBG, Chuck KI4DHW, David KJ4EMI, Mike KA8OPJ, and Judie KJ4BQQ.

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June 11, 2014

Arlington County Net Updates

Default Net Control Stations

  • On 1st Tuesdays, NCS will be KC5QCN, backup will be NW3V.
  • On 2nd Tuesdays, NCS will be W2JWP, backup will be NW3V.
  • On 4th Tuesdays, NCS will be KK4EBG, backup will be NW3V.
  • On 5th Tuesdays, NCS will be NW3V, backup will be KC5QCN.

Net Managers

Net Managers KC5QCN (representing ARES) and NW3V (representing the Arlington Amateur Radio Club) will solicit volunteers to act as NCS or backup NCS, and will consult or endeavor to notify one another of amendments to default or latest agreed duty roster.

Suggested Preamble and Procedure

The Net Control Station may use the suggested net preamble script and procedure as a guideline.

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June 3, 2014

Net Procedure Updated

At the suggestion of a member, and after consultation with the regular Net Control Station operators, the PROCEDURE example on the Net Preamble page has been revised to suggest calling for mobile and short-time check-ins first, and asking for their comments, before calling for other check-ins.

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May 21, 2014

Minutes of Arlington Amateur Radio Club – May 21, 2014

President Norton called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM. The minutes for the April 2014 meeting were approved. The Treasurer’s report was given. The club currently has 33 members.

Dennis reported that the ARRL Centennial Meeting in Hartford, CT is proceeding well. Over a thousand people have registered to attend. All club nets are proceeding well.

The evening was devoted to emergency preparedness. Several emergency stations were demonstrated. The first had an HF transceiver, automatic antenna coupler, and compact switching power supply. It could be used with almost any antenna if AC power were available.

A second demonstration was of a compact VHF station running directly off an 12 volt lead acid battery from an un-interruptible power supply. It used a compact ½ wave whip antenna. A Home Depot tool belt was modified to carry small items by adding stitching to form multiple pockets.

A third demonstration was of new technology solar panels that could be used for an emergency power supply. These solar panels were very rugged and had other desirable characteristics for emergency use. The final demonstration was of a go kit with a VHF/UHF amplifier that could boost a handi-talkie type radio to 35 watt output. The go kit included a power supply for the amplifier and a suitable magnetic mount antenna that could be placed higher for better coverage.

The club members discussed projected Field Day Operations at the Knights of Columbus site at the end of June. The base operation will be two HF setups provided by the club’s equipment for operations on 20 and 40 meters. This will include radios, antenna couplers, feedlines, and antennas. It will also include logging PCs using FD Log. Lukas will bring an additional digital station to set up. So we will operate as either Class 2A or 3A.

In attendance were: Dennis W4PWF, Mike NW3V, Prentiss K4PDJ, Victor KJ4FOR, Ken WB4AKK, Lukas WA3UEA, Pat KJ4OCA, John KK4EBG, Roy AI4GO, Chuck KI4DHW, George KR4MU, and Dave KJ4EMI.

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April 16, 2014

Minutes of Arlington Amateur Radio Club – April 15, 2014

The meeting started with a presentation on the Spiral Dipole Antenna by Ken. President Norton called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM. The minutes of the March 2014 meeting were accepted and the Treasurer’s report was given. A separate fund is being maintained for the club’s repeater system. The hat was passed at the end of the meeting for the repeater fund.

Dennis reported that the ARRL Centennial Celebration is going well with over a thousand people registered.

The club members should feel free to use the W8HNT repeater in Arlington. This UHF system is available on 449.325 MHz with input on 444.325 MHz with a PL tone of 151.4 Hz.
This system has been upgraded and now should be reliable.

Our club net is meeting every Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM on W4WVP. Mike reported we typically have 10 to 12 check ins. There has been less interest in the digital afternet. Lucas mentioned that the local RACES group meets on their repeater every Wednesday evening.

Chuck discussed the Cube Sat project at the St. Thomas More School. He said that the have a projected launch date in December 2014.

The club may need an alternative meeting site over the summer. It was noted that the Westover library meeting room would be an alternative. (This has to be requested early!)

Field Day this summer will be June 28th and 29th at the Knights of Columbus. We still have to get organized and work the details out.

Renee KK4WVQ and Lee KK4GOL were voted in as club members.

In attendance at the meeting were: Dennis W4PWF, Mike NW3V, Prentiss K4PDJ, Nereide KK4WUN, Ken WB4AKK, Lukas WA3UEA, Cynthia KJ4CLK, Randy WB4MJF, John KK4EBG, Chuck KI4DHW, Mike KA8OPJ, Erik KI4BXU, and Renee KK4WVQ

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March 19, 2014

Minutes for March 18, 2014 Meeting of Arlington Amateur Radio Club

John, KK4EBG started the meeting with a video presentation on how to download and format the Amateur Radio Newsline for rebroadcast over the W4WVP repeater. The presentation was very detailed and included how to use the Audacity software to do the audio editing for the final broadcast.

President Norton called the meeting to order at about 8:15PM. The minutes for the February meeting were approved. The club approved $ 140 from the repeater fund to finance a new antenna for the repeater system. The present antenna has failed.

Dennis reported that the ARRL Centennial Convention in Hartford, CT is proceeding well. Some hotels are already sold out. Over 100 exhibitors are expected to participate. Donations to the ARRL Centennial Fund would be gratefully appreciated.

Gary distributed T-shirts to all who participated in the September 2013 Ecom Drill at the Reagan National Airport.

The club’s nets are proceeding well. Mike, NW3V asked for more volunteers to run the nets. He noted that interest in the digital after-net had fallen off. Chuck noted that VOA continues to experiment with digital broadcasting. (The concept is anyone with a PC and appropriate software can receive the VOA broadcasts.)

Chuck also noted that he and John had done a demonstration of amateur radio using the W4WVP repeater for the St. Thomas More School students. Their CubeSat program is continuing. They will also have an opportunity in the near future to speak with the International Space Station crew by radio. Their CubeSat is proceeding towards an eventual launch into space from the International Space Station.

Chuck also note that the club’s PC is now obsolete and is available for sale to an interested party. There are no new club members pending. Looking ahead, Field Day 2014 is scheduled for June 28 and 29 at the Knights of Columbus. The club has been generously allowed again to use this excellent Field Day facility.

In attendance at the meeting were: Dennis W4PWF, Mike NW3V, Prentiss K4PDJ, Mike KK1MM, Nereide KK4WUN, Arthur W4ART, Ken WB4AKK, Lukas WA3UEA, Cynthia KJ4CLK, Randy WB4MJF, Doug KK4QFR, John KK4EBG, Chuck KI4DHW, John W2JWP, Conrad KK4LYY, Gary KC5QCN, Dave KJ4EMI, Mike KA8OPJ, Roy AI4GO, Jonathan N4ERD, and Nathan KV4JG

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