Arlington Amateur Radio Club

Arlington County, Virginia USA

Weekly Bulletin & Net

Club volunteers transmit the Amateur Radio Newsline and/or ARRL Audio News bulletin on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM ET (except for meeting nights), on the W4WVP 2-meter repeater. A club net follows at about 7:20 PM.

The W4WVP 2-meter repeater is located in Arlington County and has several remote receivers. This repeater is open for general amateur use. Its trustee is Michael (Mike) Callaham, NW3V.

The repeater transmits on 145.47 MHz and receives on 144.87 MHz. A PL (CTCSS) tone of 107.2 Hz is required on your 144.87 MHz signal to access the repeater.

All licensed amateurs are invited to check into the net. Are you interested in becoming a Net Control Station (NCS)? Contact Mike Callaham, NW3V on the net.

Net Preamble for Use by NCS

QST, QST calling the Arlington County Net. Net control station for this evening is __. My name is ___, and I am located at ______.

Before we begin this net, does anyone need to use the repeater?

The Arlington County Net meets every Tuesday except the third Tuesday of each month at 7:20 PM local time, after news bulletin transmission ends, on 145.47 megahertz and is sponsored by the Arlington Amateur Radio Club and the Arlington County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, ARES. A PL tone of 107.2 Hertz is required to access the repeater.

On the third Tuesday of each month the club meets at 7:00 PM at the Saint Thomas More Cathedral School, 105 North Thomas Street.

All stations are invited to participate in tonight’s net, and all operators and listeners are welcome to our meetings.

The purpose of this net is to practice controlled net procedures for use in emergencies, and to keep the amateur community informed of ham radio activities in and around Arlington. Information about the club is available at its website,


After the preamble, ask for check-ins with name, callsign in ITU phonetics, and location. Do in the following order:


  1. Which are mobile or short-time (ask for comments before proceeding);
  2. Which have traffic (i.e., announcements, information, questions);
  3. Which are current or past club officers;
  4. Other stations, any type, any jurisdiction.

Go through the list in above order for their traffic, comments, etc.

Take breaks for check-ins; re-identify the net every 10 minutes.

When all topics are exhausted, close "with thanks to the Arlington Amateur Radio Club for the use of the W4WVP repeater" — give the time and return the repeater to normal amateur use.

Contact Information

You can mail club officers at w4wvp [at] or make your inquiry on our weekly net. Discussions also take place on our public mailing list and on our members-only Yahoo Group mailing list.

For general information on the Amateur Radio Service, and to learn how you can become a radio amateur, see our Amateur Radio page.